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Benefits of Couple Yoga

As per the relationship physiologists and therapists, couple yoga is one such tool they use for couples who face intimacy problems or are on a verge to separate. They believe it is a sure-shot way that would bring them together and solve their problems. It brings understanding and trust among the two. It is also suggested for bringing in more communication among couples through understanding each other’s needs and other discomforts of the relationship. Beneath, are some of the crucial benefits of couple yoga:


It is like a habit for most of us that we only do things when we have some company. We do not like to go alone due to the feeling of loneliness or maybe laziness. If we have a partner while walking or gyming, we rush to it. The very next day if that friend ditches us for something, we ditch the class too. Here, in couple yoga, you get a company of someone whom you have chosen for life. It is more important to manage a schedule with someone who is living with you and who have the same goals as you. You both can serve as excellent motivation to each other to push towards that determined goal. It adds new enthusiasm to both of you while performing similar activities and becomes a daily lifestyle together.


Nowadays, all we do is sit and surf social media. We do not care if the next person is sitting right in front of you and is willing to communicate with you. When you pick an activity as a couple, you compulsorily take out time for each other. You take out time to manage your schedules for each other and make it work. In couple yoga, you get the chance to spend time with each other in a close intimate way.


Yoga sometimes is not as easy as it seems to be. It requires a lot of strength and patience. It would take you a minimum of 30 days to learn a pose correctly. When you both perform together, you both would understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which later helps you to work on it together. There would be certain poses or activities where your partner would be weak and will expect you to cover up. This is where you would work on each other’s weak points and learn to cover each other’s mistakes, which we hardly do in real life. You will start working as a team and try to work on perfection each day.


Yoga is a medium where you receive as much as you share. It teaches you how to understand oneself in a way that always haunted you. While doing couple yoga, you will learn to accept each other and share each other’s happy and sad moments. It will help you recognize each other the way you are, and let go of specific mal points in each other. It will help you understand how the next person reacts in a particular situation, how the next person takes in new things and how the next person adopts to diversities quickly. You will learn about the qualities of your partner, which you never paid attention to before. You will learn about when your partner feels the pain, and you will learn about when your partner gives up on certain things, about how many times your partner tires before giving up, etc. Yoga can also go a long way in understanding their pain points in real life as well as in your relationship. You will start communicating more, which will ultimately help you both in solving your issues without words. Yoga is the only medium which teaches you to communicate silently to the next person without using words and just soul.


Yoga is a form of exercise which is discovered to focus on the inner self. It is a process where one connects with inner self and generates dopamine to your body. While you meditate, it helps the nerves to calm down of anxiety and other factors which you face in daily life due to your work and family life. It helps you re-think about the actions you took in the past as for the first time you get time with your inner self and conscience. It makes you understand why you reacted to a particular issue in a certain way. When you perform a couple yoga, it not only gives you time with your inner self but also connects to your partner’s mind and soul. It helps you both to understand each other’s thinking process as well as understand why you both behave in a certain way or reacts in a certain way during fights or happy moments. It is one of the best ways to feel refresh together, which will later give you both a state of mind to discuss your problems with an overall new perspective.


We all have full balance in our mobile phones to communicate with others, but we hardly find time for ourselves and our partner to communicate. As per the survey, most of the couples complain that they do not have a balanced relationship as well as have intimacy issues after a long tiring day. This has increased the cases of the incompetence of performing during physical intercourse. During couple yoga, you rejuvenate your bond of love and affection through constant touch. It stretches your body and makes you more competent enough to perform an intimacy relationship. There are several poses in yoga which are specially designed to bring more physical touch and solve the problems of intimacy, thus creating a new balance in your relationship.

Yoga has more benefits when done together rather than doing it all alone. It helps you both live in the moment. It enables you to pick up poses which comforts to both the people and not just you which teach you to accept each other’s choices. It makes you both respect each other when you see each other performing such high dimension workouts with devotion. It helps you both create a story of your own in front of the world. Next time you pick up an activity for both of you, make sure it’s yoga on your way

At Manav Yoga, couple yoga sessions are specially designed to meet the requirements of the couples. This customization allows the couples to practice Yoga in a comfortable manner at their own pace and time. Couple yoga classes can also be one of the best anniversary gifts you can give to your partner. Enroll today with Manav yoga for its special couple yoga classes.

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