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Mindfulness With Manav

What happened when i made Mindfulness my priority?

Aren’t you done with the daily mundane chores? Aren’t you seeking peace? Do you want to connect with yourself and strike a balance in your life?

There is no doubt that there is a growing interest in mindfulness these days. In fact, mindfulness is said to be one of the fastest growing trends in the world and the word [mindfulness] has witnessed a fivefold increase in Google searches over the past 10 years.

Many people are taking courses and retreats to learn mindfulness and gaining a new level of freedom and joy in their lives. It’s a wonderful revolution that’s happening!

There’s a simple method to achieve the mindfulness and bliss: STOP









Stop what you’re doing and open your attention wide, taking in everything that’s happening right now.

Take a slow deep breath, and as you do so, tune into the sensations of breathing. Gather your attention and hone in on the exact sensations of breathing right now in this moment. Aim to be fully present with the full journey of the breath into and out of the body.

Observe your body and emotions. What sensations can you feel in your feet, your legs, your head, arms and shoulders? Are there any emotions present?

Simply sensing into whatever is present in the body. Then widen your focus and open to the moment and what’s arising in the environment. What can you see, feel, smell, hear and taste?You have now, quite literally, come to your senses!

Proceed with what you were doing with an attitude of gentleness and kindness and also with the intention of integrating this mindful awareness into your activity.

Mindfulness is really about integrating awareness into everything we do in our lives. It can be a challenge in the beginning to ‘remember to be awake’ in the middle of it all, so a deliberate informal practice of mindfulness can be a great daily practice to help bridge the gap between formal practice and daily life.

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