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6 Advantages of Including Yoga in Corporate Lifestyle

We always believe that a workout is a workout, irrespective of the form and style. In reality, this is a myth, and truth has two sides to it. One being that it depends on your purpose and problem level, while the second being how you see yourself after one year of workout. If your aim is bodybuilding, then you should try out heavy lifting gym instruments. However, if your purpose is to maintain a disease-free life with comforting your soul, then yoga is what you should opt for; blindly If you are here, reading this, we are sure you would have tried all other forms of activities to keep yourself happy and stress free in this busy corporate lifestyle and then came here to try yoga as your last resort. You are on the right path.

Underneath, are some of the essential benefits of including yoga in your busy corporate lifestyle:


Stress is an automatic reaction by your mind when it comes in contact with any malpractices, happenings, or events around us. It is a reaction where one is unable to release dopamine due to the emotional connection attached to that person or thing. It mostly occurs when we hear something wrong about ourselves or when our likings are discovered but not fulfilled. It is a kind of non-completion of dopamine circle which causes stressors hormones in our body. As per the survey, the proportions of stressors are reported to be high in a corporate lifestyle due to the constant pressure of work, peer comparison and competition to be at the top position, at all times. While performing meditation as a part of yoga, you connect yourself with nature as well as with your inner soul and forget about your worries for a short period. During this time, it helps you to develop a perspective about your problems and build the ground for its possible solutions.


Even if we have a 9-5 job or we work from home, we all have to work in front of our computer screens of multiple sizes. The screens don’t leave us until we sleep for 8 hours (if lucky). While working, we do not get time to stand up from our place and stretch our bodies for even a few seconds. This constant routine of 8 to 9 hours in the same position damages your posture and hampers your muscle growth. Exercises like Tadasana, Vriksh Asana, Sarvang Asana, etc. helps in regaining your muscle strength. It also increases blood circulation in our body, along with bettering the posture.


We fail in something in our life or say in our job due to the lack of our focus and concentration in a particular activity. Yoga helps us build a strong focal point with the help of ‘Drishyam Kriya’. In this exercise, we need to focus on a particular point in front of us for specific minutes. This helps in increasing concentration and reduces the curiosity level of your mind. There is another exercise known as Bhramari Pranayam (Humming bee), where you have to close your ears and eyes with thumbs and two middle fingers along with first fingers on forehead. Later, you need to locate a point right in the middle of your two eyebrows and try to analyze it with closed eyes and chanting the mantra ‘Ohm’. This helps in purifying the lungs and increase concentration along with improvement in ENT organs.


Improper work-life balance often leads to anxiety and depression. It sounds simple but leads to panic attacks and death, if ignored in initial stages. It is a kind of mental disease that can destroy a person in multiple ways. In this stage, yoga works as a medicine to this disease. The different forms of exercises and meditation techniques help in calming the brain. The thoughts are blocked for a specified period, which allows the person to be with themselves and analyze their life situations. In hectic corporate life, one hardly gets time for oneself where he or she can think about the on-going scenarios of their life. Yoga helps in relaxing the body muscles as well as hyperactive negative brain cells. It helps in developing dopamine in the body and releases it regularly for building a happy and satisfying life.


As said, energy is within us, and our laziness covers it up with the iron shed. Our body regularly produces energy from the food which we intake in the entire day. This energy has to be used in the working process or else it converts into fluid or solid fats depending upon the food intake. There are several exercises and poses like Cobra pose, Tree pose, Fish pose, Warrior pose, Shoulder stand, etc.  in yoga, which helps the body identify the energy and use it at the right time. It rekindles your energy and gives you a kick-start at your busy workday.


The most ignored part of our corporate lifestyle is our skincare regime. The daily traveling and stress take away the shine, and we often end up in the saloons for treatments. Through yoga, we have a natural glow on our face without high demanding therapies. There is an altogether different branch in yoga known as ‘Face Yoga’ which involves different exercises for face to get a fresh look. Face yoga improves the elasticity of the skin, thus leaving the skin all tight and young, for you to flaunt in your corporate office.

The main reason for choosing yoga as a form of exercise is that it doesn’t have any side effects. It helps you connect with yourself, which is very necessary in the present times. At Manav Yoga we design customized Corporate Yoga modules with the aim of helping all the employees inculcate yoga lifestyle. Contact us today for booking your corporate yoga session.

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