Based on personal experiences gathered during his spiritual journey, Sumit Manav shares honest thoughts and opinions through talks about life and well-being.
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A healthy lifestyle is much more than fitness sessions (or yoga postures) and healthy eating. Striking the perfect balance between your physical, mental, and emotional needs, requires a good amount of work and much more than that, it reuqires a good boost of motivation. With years of experience in this field, Sumit Manav provides you with guidance on how to get the best out of your lifestyle.

Having trained several individuals, corporates and delivered lectures at various places, Sumit has been helping people understand the foundational elements of Yoga & Meditation and motivating them to further pursue their healthy journey. Sumit strongly believes that Yoga & Meditation is more about understanding one’s self and striking the right balance. Understanding the pressing demands of the contemporary world, he has devised his lectures and classes to ensure that people are able to follow their Yoga & Meditation journey in a sustainable manner.

Feel free to contact Sumit Manav to invite him for his highly motivational talks to your organisation or your event. His knowledgeable insights and his warm camaraderie with the audience helps in establishing a very good connect on this subject and helps people get a better understanding of Yoga & Meditation.

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Yoga and Meditation Therapy

With the stress levels rising steadily in the competitive and fast-paced world, more often than not, one loses the touch with one’s own self. In such times, the need for Meditation and Mindfulness is at its prime. While both of them are used together often, there is a stark difference between the both.

Meditation is an intentional method of focusing inward to increase calmness, concentration, and emotional balance. You begin by focusing on your breaths, and then guiding your mind towards a single point of focus. Mindfulness is more about being aware, and the consciously noticing your thoughts, feelings, movements, your behaviour, and the effect it has on you. It includes the practice of meditation as well.

Explore the power of the Meditation and Mindfulness with our expert Yogi Sumit Manav, and feel the change within you, as you begin your journey towards transformation and awakening.

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Life Goal & Purpose

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In the age of cutthroat competition in this materialistic world, you would often find yourself at the crossroads of a key decision, which can be related to career and your personal life as well. In such times, the need for an emotionally sound self is at its peak.

With the Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga, you set out on a path to be closer to your own self, and know yourself to its truest core. Our expert Yogi Sumit Manav has created personalized programs, which combines Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga, leading to the clarity of mind. Through this, you will be closer to finding your life goals and purpose, and even the actualization of it. You will be in touch with your conscious mind, and find your calling, and would also find the power within you, to pursue it.

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Unlocking the Mind Power

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Stimulating your brain makes the way for expanding your mind. Both, your mind and your brain are connected inextricably. Your mind is a powerhouse of energies, and when utilized, it can lead to a complete transformation. These powers are more often than not, unutilized, and not even accounted for, as most of the people are unaware of the capabilities of their mind, and do not need the powers in the everyday life as well. However, when unlocked, the mind powers have the tremendous potential to transform you and your life, and lead you towards self-actualization.

With the assistance of the expert Modern Yogi, Sumit Manav, you can reach your full potential, and be the one with yourself, through Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness. Under his expert guidance, you will be able to know your truest core, realize your true potential, find your calling, and experience a spiritual awakening, which will lead you towards your full potential, and success.

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Breath is Life

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Explore & experience the science of breathing through ‘Pranayama’. Considered to be one of most powerful practices, Pranayama is ideal to awaken your mind and boost your energy. This talk focuses on the effects of Pranayama on your physical, mental and emotional levels, and will provide you with an overview of the following:

  • The systematic science of Breath Ratio to enhance the power of your mind, body, and conscience
  • Breath Retention and Breath Control
  • Unique methods of breath modification
  • Overall impact on the system
  • Healing through Pranayama
  • Energy Management
  • Vital Force expansion
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“Pranayama, breath control, is one of the methods to hammer the sleeping energy. Through breath, the hammering is possible because breathing is the bridge between your vital energy – your prana, your original source of vitality – and your actual existence. It is the bridge between the potential and the actual.”


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We offer variety of course which help you adopt Yoga in your lifestyle

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Giving a highly personalized touch to the Yoga training, we customize the program to considering your requirements.
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Given the busy schedule and stress levels of corporate life, we have designed this course which helps them practice Yoga in their office.
Yin yoga classes
Learn the sublime art of Yoga from our expert teacher to empower yourself to carry forward this art of Yoga
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The best Yoga school and practice! Flexible, variety of yoga classes, highly qualified & lovely teachers, great yoga retreats. I always feel great after a session!!

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Katrina Dawson

I really enjoyed the classes. The trainers were very professional. Lifestyle yoga different from those classes i have attended before. They are making sure you actually do Yoga

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Excellent classes!! Sumit and the team always keep it interesting and fun with diversity in their yoga offerings--always enough to keep the burn going and have us coming back for more--thanks, Lifestyle Yoga!!

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Nathalie Atallah

Have been with Lifestyle Yoga since their inception and have known Sumit for much longer. Experts yogis with amazing knowledge and infectious energy. Congratulations on your 9th birthday. Keep growing and spreading the love.

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