6 Useful Benefits of Weight Reduction Yoga for Weight Loss

One of the most frequently looked upon searches in today’s time is Weight Loss. Keeping up with today’s lifestyle and hustle, we often forget keeping up with our health and wellness. Social pressure adds on the pertaining problem, as it often makes us take hasty decisions to find quick ways to lose weight, caused by anxiety. Weight Reduction Yoga is a platform undiscovered but is full of promises.

Do you picture yourself running on a treadmill every time you think about losing weight? Don’t stress- you’d find there are more peaceful ways to go about the same. As the title suggests, we will be covering six useful benefits Yoga provides that help you reduce weight:

1)  Holistic Weight Loss

The benefit of practicing Yoga goes beyond shedding weight. It also helps create a sense of harmony between your muscles, mind and soul. It enables the soul with positive energy. Weight Reduction Yoga teaches each individual to accept their body, while working on redefining it in a better way. It follows a logical hierarchy of acknowledging one’s limitations and advantages first, then using them to achieve desired goals following the same.

The first step in Yoga is self-awareness. Understanding your body is the core to be more aware and connected with yourself. What naturally follows is self-acceptance. Yoga teaches you to be in harmony with your thoughts and body, and work on it in sync of the same instead of straining it against its natural flow.

2)  Yoga at your convenience!

Most of the conventional methods to lose weight often require bulky and expensive machinery to aid the process. For Yoga, however, all you need is your presence (mentally and physically) and a yoga mat to get started. This very fact helps one become self-sufficient. It eliminates the feeling of lethargy and the need for excuses of not having access to means for weight loss.

3)  Sleep more, lose more!

There is an indirect link between sleep and weight loss that not many know. According to researches and studies, the likelihood of obesity increases to almost 89 per cent in children and 55 per cent in adults in people who have a short sleep span. Weight Reduction Yoga often helps correct these sleep patterns, by disciplining mind into demanding proper rest.

A powerful tool, Yoga Nidra, helps one relax by letting go of any external disturbances.The person becomes entirely relaxed and progressively more aware of their inner self.This practice helps one become more aware of their body’s functioning and at the same time, helps them genuinely relax in a better way.

4)  Yoga deals with body-weight exercises.

Body-weight exercises often referred to as compound exercises are best when focusing on weight loss. Compound exercises are such exercises that target more than one muscle groups while performing them. All the asanas in Yoga are designed to affect multiple muscles simultaneously.

Yoga doesn’t only serve as a great way to reduce weight; it tones and builds muscles also keeps the joints healthy.

5)  Instant & Effective!

We often want instant results. Contrary to popular belief, Yoga is not only debatably faster than conventional methods, but it is also more efficient. Yoga helps one create a link between mind, body and soul. This process then, in turn, helps one gain impulse control over their cravings/desires to eat junk food, also more aware of the consequences of the smallest of malpractices.

There aren’t any withdrawal symptoms involved, unlike other methods. Yoga thereby is a more permanent solution to weight loss, as it essentially becomes a way of a balanced healthy life and not just means to achieve it.

6) Improving Metabolism.

Metabolism is a word you’d come across pretty often whenever you search for any solutions regarding weight loss or weight gain. It is a necessary process that occurs within every human life to maintain and sustain it. It is the process that derives energy from everything you eat and drink. High metabolism is good for health. Yoga eases the process as it unlocks access to one’s body in ways otherwise not possible.

The different breathing techniques and poses help in maintaining a clean and healthy metabolism. The different paths it unlocks to ensure clear metabolism are through the means of improving digestion, quality blood circulation and also by exercising various glands. This process, not only provides, you achieve your desired weight but also educates your body, to maintain the same.

At Manav Yoga, Weight Loss Yoga sessions are specially designed to meet the requirements of losing weight effectively. The ease of customization allows people of all sorts to benefit from the series, anytime anywhere. Weight Loss Yoga can also be a great course to start with your friends or family to actively engage and be motivated by each other’s progress. Enroll today with Manav Yoga for unique weight loss classes.

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