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A Customised Training Experience, in consultation with Manav Yoga, a personalised program is developed to meet your requirements.

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Customize the Yoga & Meditation program based on your needs and requirements, and avail the personalised attention from Manav Yoga:

Attention to postural correction and asana adjustment throughout the class

Addressing individual and specific yoga needs

Quicker improvement and progress than a regular class

Individual's preferred day, time and location

Tailored program for your specific requirements

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Couple yoga poses


Yoga is the food for soul, body, and mind. It is an integrated approach, and perfect for holistic healing and wellness. In today’s life with increasing stress levels, relationships are often strained, especially due to the time constraints. Couple’s Yoga Classes are created and designed with the purpose of enhancing the understanding between the couples, along with improving the physical and emotional bonding between the couple.

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Manav Yoga Provides the Best, Qualified and Experienced Personal Yoga Trainer Online

Manav Yoga provides you with the opportunity to take yoga classes with the best personal yoga trainer online. We are an accredited service with complete courses of yoga and meditation. All our trainers of yoga West Sussex are qualified and experienced and hold high positions in the senior level yoga practice and demonstrations. Our training programs are ideal for developing invaluable insight into various departments of yoga. Both beginners and professional yoga practitioners find yoga Crawley useful and beneficial. We offer a supportive environment, guidance and useful practical sessions for you to practice online. When you practice yoga in the comfort of your home, you will feel rejuvenated in the perfect setting. Moreover, you can also visit one of our Crawley yoga studios to learn yoga.

Are you looking for a personal yoga trainer online to improve your skills as a yoga teacher? If so, you are in the right place. We can provide you with personal trainers who will guide you to be excellent yoga teachers. We follow the contemporary style of yoga teaching and cover all aspects of yoga. You are welcome to visit our Yoga West Sussex studio to discuss and choose the perfect schedule of yoga learning for you.

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Couple Yoga classes in London

One life, one body, one chance.

Many individuals suffer from weight issues. Transform your body and transcend your mind as you indulge in this session for speedy weight loss and eliminate toxins. One simple and tactful way to tackle these woes is to stay fit. Yoga helps you do just that!

This uniquely designed program will take you through traditional Yogic practices and contribute towards an overall transformation – in body, mind, and thoughts! A regular practice of Power Yoga and/or Ashtanga Yoga coupled with adequate therapy can benefit you with positive results.

The postures in this session are curated to flush out the toxins, realign your body and tone it, so as to enhance your well- being. This session includes the use of ancient prescribed Yoga modules for better results. Many of these traditional modules have been lost over time due to development & commercialism. This session aims to bring these modules back – not only to help you lose weight and tone your body but also to revitalize your well-being.

The session engages in deep body cleansing, thus creating a base for changes. This unique and result oriented program helps to find a new YOU!

Weight Loss Session Includes:

Yoga to build a strong, flexible and toned body

Powerful yogic kriyas and breathing

Tactics to lose weight with simple mind techniques

Yogic cleansing of the whole body

Process for permanent transformation

Reprogramming of your metabolism

Soothing your stress levels, so as to shed the extra pounds

Tactics to save and create energy

Burning fat naturally

Pregnant yoga poses

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

As we all know, Parenthood is special and a blessing!
With Manav Yoga’s Prenatal Yoga sessions, you can have a healthy childbirth. Prenatal Yoga is beneficial throughout the pregnancy and helpful during the delivery of the child. It provides relief from the common pregnancy complaints, helps develop a connection with the baby, and also paves the way for a healthier pregnancy.

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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

Decrease lower back pain, nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, headaches and shortness of breath

Reduce stress and anxiety

Keeps you fit whilst being sensitive to the baby and you

Strengthens birthing muscles

Quickens postpartum recovery

Improves sleep

Improves circulation

Promotes healthy birth and empowers the mother-to-be to have conscious birth experience

Balance Harmons

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga:

Strengthens the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

Releases tension in shoulders and neck muscles

Helps to improve posture & energy

Decreases overall stress and promotes relaxation

Rejuvenates the mind and increases energy

Builds patience and inner-calm

It helps you connect with your baby

Improves blood flow

Detoxification and movement of fluids

Stimulate cell growth and repair

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Session Duration Price () Number Of Session
60-Minutes 70 1-Session
400 6-Session
750 12-Session
75-Minutes 85 1-Session
475 6-Session
850 12-Session
90-Minutes 95 1-Session
500 6-Session
950 12-Session

Private Yoga Terms : Cancellations/changes may be made with no charge as long as at least 24 hours' notice is given.

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We offer variety of course which help you adopt Yoga in your lifestyle

Best couple yoga classes in London
Giving a highly personalized touch to the Yoga training, we customize the program to considering your requirements.
Best corporate yoga therapy
Given the busy schedule and stress levels of corporate life, we have designed this course which helps them practice Yoga in their office.
Yin yoga classes
Learn the sublime art of Yoga from our expert teacher to empower yourself to carry forward this art of Yoga
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OUR Happy Yogis

The best Yoga school and practice! Flexible, variety of yoga classes, highly qualified & lovely teachers, great yoga retreats. I always feel great after a session!!

Yoga classes in London

Katrina Dawson

I really enjoyed the classes. The trainers were very professional. Lifestyle yoga different from those classes i have attended before. They are making sure you actually do Yoga

Yoga classes in London


Excellent classes!! Sumit and the team always keep it interesting and fun with diversity in their yoga offerings--always enough to keep the burn going and have us coming back for more--thanks, Lifestyle Yoga!!

Yoga classes in London

Nathalie Atallah

Have been with Lifestyle Yoga since their inception and have known Sumit for much longer. Experts yogis with amazing knowledge and infectious energy. Congratulations on your 9th birthday. Keep growing and spreading the love.

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