Corporate yoga

Heal Your Workplace Through Yoga

10th mug of coffee. 25th roll of tobacco gone up in smokes. Perspiration trickling down your forehead as you pace around frantically, looking for the best solution. Your lungs gape for air, but it seems impossible to breathe. Your head is constantly bubbling with ideas, but nothing seems too good....

Corporate yoga

Yoga For Law Firms

Law firms are notorious for requiring long work hours from its employees, 50 to 80 work weeks are not uncommon among lawyers and paralegals. Long hours, competitive environment, high expectations, irregular hours are a few pressures, which create an intense working environment....

Yoga for men

Yoga & Men An Envolved Relationship

Our childhood lays the foundation stones of society for us, and as we grow older, other stones stack up on this base, constructing a solid structure of our conscience, thoughts and beliefs. One such common stone that makes up most of our lives is that of gender specific norms. So when someone or something rebuffs it, it seems like a...

yoga for beginners

Importance of yoga in daily life

We are all constantly running – whether it is to work, to college, after our kids, family, to run errands, to make ends meet. Always. Running. It is time to take a break – for yourself. Our busy schedules, although subtly (but surely), impact us adversely. A break that calms you down, will not only help you work on this ‘negative...