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Importance of yoga in daily life

We are all constantly running – whether it is to work, to college, after our kids, family, to run errands, to make ends meet. Always. Running. It is time to take a break – for yourself.

Our busy schedules, although subtly (but surely), impact us adversely. A break that calms you down, will not only help you work on this ‘negative impact’ but also make you bounce back at life with vigor and positivity. And no, this break cannot include cigarettes!

Yoga burst into the ‘fitness scene’ over the last few decades, but it has existed since the pre-Vedic ages (Probably since the earliest civilizations). For it to have survived this long, it must be doing something right!

Over the years numerous variations of the form have been observed, but a common thread stringing them together is the intention to cleanse and bring about a holistic rejuvenation. At Lifestyle Yoga, we practice Hatha, Ashtanga and gentle Vinayasa flow Yoga. Our classes though modern in approach, focus on the traditional principles of the art form.

Working on the body and the mind, Yoga cleanses your spirit. So while the Asanas work on toning your body and adding rhythm to life, the Mindfulness routines make you worry less and think more. While other exercises like Aerobics, playing a sport, Gymming may give you instant results, they hardly focus on your mind, let alone your spiritual well- being. Yoga, can be an enhancer for each of these, and yet work on building your spiritual conscience along with a focused mind and an alert body. That is why they say, it is not a form of exercise but a way of living!

Common benefits of yoga are:

  • FOCUS: Unless you control the mind to think right, the body is in shambles. So be it losing weight, or quitting a vice – unless your mind asks the body to do so, there is only so much you can do. Yoga helps you focus and brings about productivity. It also adds perspective to thoughts and helps you make better decisions.
  • GOOD HEALTH: It is essential to be healthy, to be happy. Yoga works on the body and the mind, so as to impact your spiritual being.
  • FLEXIBILTY: If you have seen Yoga gurus bend like elastic, it is because they can! A regular practice of Yoga will work on your body’s elasticity, making it flexible and thus improving energy, blood flow.
  • CONTROL: Yoga helps you control your vices – be it over eating, junk food, alcohol, smoking or drugs. Yoga helps you control anger and depression. It works on the mind and tackles psychological problems as well.
  • AVOID HEALTH PROBLEMS: A regular practice of yoga makes you healthy, thus tackling health problems like heart ailments, diabetes, blood pressures, arthritis, spondylosis etc becomes a cake walk. It also works on stress and a constant practice can help you eliminate it completely!
  • BUILDS IMMUNITY AND STRENGTH: In your fast paced life, a constant need to fight unwarranted ailments is imperative. Yoga builds your immunity to do just that. A regular practice of certain Asanas has also been credited with building strength of the body. Moreover, because Yoga can be practiced as a complement to your already existing exercise routine, it only enhances your chances at getting fit by the minute. Studies show, injury and pain induced by workouts and sports is reduced marginally after regular Yoga practice.
  • SELF AWARENESS AND HEALING: It is important to know why you do certain things, what its impacts are and why is it essential. Yoga helps you create this awareness. It heals you from within, making you a stronger person and giving you the positivity to look at life in a new spirit.

These are only a handful of Yoga’s benefits. Unless you try it, you won’t know the magic it can stir in your life.

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