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Yoga For Law Firms

Law firms are notorious for requiring long work hours from its employees, 50 to 80 work weeks are not uncommon among lawyers and paralegals. Long hours, competitive environment, high expectations, irregular hours are a few pressures, which create an intense working environment.

The always-on approach brings with it enormous moment-by-moment mental and physical costs. Unyielding stress floods your body with a cascade of hormones: Adrenaline pumps up blood pressure and makes your heart beat faster; cortisol raises your blood sugar level, and, if it remains chronically elevated, can erode your immune system. Not only does such chronic stress make you more susceptible to ailments such as migraine headaches and irritable bowel syndrome, but research increasingly shows it can raise your risk for more serious conditions, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression.

Statistics also show that a legal career is one of the most stressful occupations and that lawyers have disproportionally high levels of health-related symptoms. A John Hopkins University study of more than 100 occupations in the US found that lawyers had the highest incidence of depression and, in 1996, US lawyers overtook dentists as the profession with the highest rate of suicide.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the time demands placed upon law firm professionals limit their ability to pursue outside interests and hobbies. And this is where yoga guru Sumit Kumar Manav can make all the difference.

Sumit has devised various methods of meditation that involves movement, specific postures, and a focus on the breath. Repeated practice of these not only strengthens your body and the core but also leads to the development of qualities in an intangible way, as well. Developing a strong mind, being able to adapt and feeling mentally balanced are all virtues that can be expected from a yoga practice and that are particularly beneficial for attorneys.

Sumit takes the ancient knowledge of yoga further through a modern and holistic approach. By combining high energy exercises with passive relaxation techniques, he will give your body and mind a full workout designed to suit your physical and mental requirement. Sumit makes Yoga an integral part of life and not just a form of exercise.

Ways Sumit can improve on Lawyers’ health through Yoga:

  • Striking a Balance : Sumit has identified and devised various postures that can help the lawyers to achieve a perfect balance between the right and left hemisphere of human brain.
  • Listening : Concentration and the art of listening closely is essential for every lawyer, a lawyer cannot afford to miss out even the most minute detail in a conversation. With specific meditative techniques Yoga can help you listening mindfully.
  • Fighting Fatigue: Practicing yoga regularly can help you to be more energetic and efficient at your workplace.
  • Enhance Logical Thinking: Yoga combined with some meditative techniques can improve your logical mind that is what most of the lawyers need. Research has proven that yoga’s emotional impact can help people handle stressful situations better.
  • Relieving pressure: The benefits of yoga practice include physical health, strength, flexibility and balance,yoga can reduce the pressure and easy the process.
  • Relaxing the subconscious: Yoga works beyond your and helps you filter the thoughts that you don’t need to have can, in turn making you a more positive being.
  • De-stress: Lawyers can learn to art to adjust their emotional reactions in accordance to the stress their career brings along, with regular Yoga practice. Breathing exercises form an integral part of Yoga practice and combined with meditation techniques it gives you a complete package of relaxation that you can practice anywhere when you need to unwind.
  • Self confidence: Yoga builds your inner confidence and teaches you to deal with uncomfortable situations with level headed approach.
  • Discipline: Discipline is the key to success for any thing you do in life. A disciplined yoga practice can help to reach any goal, especially for those for whom discipline does not comes naturally.

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