Yoga classes for kids in London

Why Mindfulness For Kids

“If we can help children to be meditative we can change the whole world — its energy, its consciousness. But we teach them something else, never meditation — geography, history, and all kinds of science which will never lead your kids to the real Self. “

Our kids are our future and it is our responsibility to nurture their present. So while it is perfectly fine to enroll them in the best of schools, activity classes etc. it is essential to keep in mind their mental and physical well-being as well. One simple step to achieve this is Yoga.

Yoga not only keeps in check your child’s developments but also subtly ingrains in them aspects like patience, stress control, flexibility, good health and an active spirit – things that come handy in the long run. After all being a kid is one of the most difficult things there is today. Constant competition, challenges and the fast paced world can be best tackled with a healthy mind and body and this is precisely how Yoga will help your child.

Benefits of Yoga to your kid are multifarious. Even a basic Yoga class will help your child understand nuances of balance, body awareness, breathing techniques, meditation etc. It will also help with building concentration and positivity by inculcating a healthy, non-competitive group atmosphere where everyone focuses on bettering oneself each day. It will primarily help in keeping your kid away from the menace of the electronic world and connect with themselves – a rarity today!

Mindfulness is the key to success. It refers to complete awareness and a deep sense of calm that is best achieved by continuous meditation. There is nothing that cannot be achieved with a calm mind- be it a career goal or a settling a dispute. Mindfulness is thus the key of the hour and Yoga instills it into every practitioner. So while your children practice a healthy physical life with Yoga, they are also being trained in aspects of mindfulness – things that would come in handy when the going gets tough!

With complete awareness, your child develops a holistic understanding of oneself, one’s surroundings and learns the difference between good and bad impact – lessons that some take years to learn. Yoga also seamlessly inculcates in your child a sense of confidence so that he/she faces the world with gusto and can tackle any hurdle that comes their way.

Hence Yoga is something that you must gift your child and soon!

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