Yoga Retreat

Free Live Yoga & Meditation with Sumit Manav

Free LIVE yoga and meditation classes aimed to cultivate the happiness, joy, peace & improved health in each one of you.

I am celebrating my 20 years of learning and teaching Yoga, and am so excited to offer all of you some energising and refreshing free yoga and meditation sessions that will help you learn powerful Yoga in the most authentic way.

To begin with, I will be offering 10 free Yoga and meditation classes tailored to help cope with the stress and anxiety caused by the current COVID -19 situation, which is impacting all of us in some way or the other.

So in light of this, I want to help the community with sharing my knowledge and authentic yoga techniques through free live sessions that I will be hosting as per the below schedule.

So let’s pause and dedicate some time to self-development and commence the yoga journey!


“You can simply Unlock your Mind’s potential through turning the direction of your awareness inwards”.

Sumit Manav

Class Type Date Timings Days
Hatha & Yoga Principle April 26th 4:00pm Sunday
Yin Yoga & Healing April 28th 5:30pm Tuesday
Sun – Salutation & Yoga-Nidra April 30th 5:30pm Thursday
Yoga For Detox + Concentration May 3rd 5:30pm Sunday
Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation May 5th 5:30pm Tuesday
Full Moon Yin Yoga + Meditation May 7th 5:30pm Thursday
Yoga for strengthening the body & mind May 10th 4:00pm Sunday
Ashtanga Philosophy in Practice May 12th 5:30pm Tuesday
Power Yoga Flow + Meditation May 14th 5:30pm Thursday
Yoga For Body & Mind May 17th 4:00pm Sunday
Yoga Retreat

How to prepare for you class?

Please note that:

  • Be ready with your Yoga mat 5 minutes before the session starts.
  • Have a water bottle and create a nice ambience
  • Do write in comment if any question in mind
  • These classes are suitable for all fitness levels, including beginner Yogis.


100% FREE no payment detail required.

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For bookings or any info, please WhatsApp or call on 07379054424

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