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In this 50-Hour course of Mind Management & Meditation, you will learn and practice the tools to unlock the greatest potential

Online Meditation Classes – Learn with Experts

Manav Yoga offers online meditation classes. It is an opportunity for you to learn meditation with experts. All our trainers are qualified and experienced. They can guide your emotions and provide you with great happiness in life through various techniques of meditation. Our online meditation classes help you learn meditation effortlessly. A fine meditation helps you receive clarity, keep calm and stay focused. We can teach meditation at all levels. If you are an aspiring teacher, you can take up our meditation teacher course. Our course transforms you to be a teacher able to teach meditation to a larger crowd with a high level of confidence and perfection.

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Everyone has a mind, however, very few of us possess the complete knowledge of its nature and functions. But why is it imperative to understand our mind? The answer is simple and logical. Happiness and suffering are states of our mind, and so if we want to be free from suffering and enjoy true happiness, we need to possess a thorough understanding of the mind and how to control it. Meditation is the way to improve the quality of our life, both now and in the future.

This short course not only helps you out with the basics but also offers a simple life strategy to reduce tension, remove negativity, reduce stress and relax the mind.

Get on to the path of a healthy and happy life by registering for this 50-hour Days Meditation Course with Sumit Manav, Founder of Lifestyle Yoga

If you yet doubt that life can start transforming in 21 days, stop it and start believing now. The power of meditation is much beyond our thoughts and those who practice it regularly can reach the height of perfection and freedom. This 50-Hour meditation journey will help you unravel the incredible power that you, your mind and body possess.
Come, unlock your energies and let the positivity flow uninhibited!

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Life is meant to lived joyously and blissfully, and you have the power and tool within to do so

Yoga is my passion. My journey began back in 1992, when I traveled to the Himalayas in search of the true essence of Yoga. I trained under the brightest minds in the Himalayan ashramas and was initiated by great Hindu spiritual leaders. It is here that I discovered the art of Yoga as a way to human consciousness and overall well-being. My four years of training with the mystics gave me a closer understanding of the physiology and psychology of the human body. My Gurus guided me on the path of meditation and mindfulness, and since then it has created momentous impacts in my life.

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Life is a beautiful journey and meditation is one of the most amazing & priceless rituals to unlock the greatest potential in the human mind. We all have this hidden potential, but not many of us use it. We are all full of power but seldom realize it because of our busy and mundane schedules. Making meditation a priority in life helps you achieve your goals of finding the real truth and full potential and finally living, not merely existing.


Sumit takes you through the journey of mindfulness and managing mind in such a manner that you not only enjoy but also experience mindfulness at the same time. His technique is simple – to extract the tool from the spiritual world and enable you to use it in your everyday life so that the results are momentous. His goal is to empower people to discover their full potential so that they can live a life with purpose and happiness. He has and continues to help several individuals with very simple yogic and spiritual methods to make them happier and healthier.

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This course includes training in meditation techniques in the same way that I learnt it from my Gurus in the Himalayas. You will be able to find simple tools, methods to understand the mind and dive deeper into meditation. It is believed that the Yogis in the Himalayas know the functions of their mind and meditate much better than anyone else in this world. Once you have mastered your mind, you are simply ready to jump into meditation, which is where you begin to discover yourself and the potential that lies within you.

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The process always begins with knowing your mind – not merely acknowledging its presence. After this we move towards building concentration and developing will power. The aim of the course is to guide you towards a balanced lifestyle so that peace, happiness and prosperity find their path towards you.

Meditation is the tool to unlock the greatest potential and you will be amazed to see yourself change dynamically in this 50-Hour Meditation Course.
Let your transformation begin!


  • Concentrate: This is the key learning of mindfulness and of this workshop. Whilst everyone asks you to concentrate since childhood, no one really teaches us the tools with which you can concentrate. This course trains you in achieving this ability – Concentration!
  • Develop clarity: Clarity is something that most of us lack in today’s competitive world. This course will not only guide you towards a clear mind but also instill a clear thought process and help you achieve your goals with ease
  • Heal your world: Where medicines may not help, Yoga strives. Yoga understands that ailments are mere manifestations of internal woes and it helps us tackle the problems from their roots.
  • Master your mind: Once you have controlled your mind, you can control anything in this world. You will be able to have a clear understanding and take control of your life.
  • Manage your Energy: Everybody has a brimming unit of energy that waits to be unleashed and used correctly. With meditation you learn to move, control and channel this energy the way you want to.
  • Develop Willpower: Develop your will power with simple methods and recharge your mental muscles with this course.
  • Recharge and Refuel: Gone are the days of feeling demotivated, lazy and uninspired. With this course you will be up and about and achieving all that you are meant to achieve in only 21 days.
  • Expand your Energy: You will realize with a clear mind and strong conscience you will have more energy on your hand, and youare able to finish tasks that you had planned for the day. Nevertheless, you will see the quality of completion is much better than you thought and you can attribute the credit to yourself.

Last but not the least, this course provides you the tools to a good life – meditation and its techniques. You will realize that you too can do this and can practice it seamlessly anytime, anywhere – a lifelong journey of spiritual unfoldment and holistic goodness.

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50-Hour Meditation Lessons & Practice sessions covering the following topics:

  • Where does the Mind Exist?
  • Understanding the Mind & its part
  • How the Mind Works
  • What is Meditation?
  • Types of Meditation
  • Benefit & Health
  • Yoga’s Psychic Physiology
  • Ego & its Management
  • Chita & its Management
  • Budhi or Intelligence & Budhi or Intelligence Management
  • Manas or Mind & Management
  • Vritis, Whirlpool of the Mind and Management
  • Where awareness goes Energy Flows
  • Learning the Separation of Awareness
  • Introduction to Concentration or Dharna
  • What you get out of Concentration
  • Concentration in Daily Life
  • How to Build Strong Concentration
  • Willpower – The Greatest Force
  • Life – An Opportunity to Develop Willpower
  • Life – Practical Exercises to Develop Willpower
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  • Establishing a Meditation Ritual
  • Creating a Meditation Space
  • What’s the Best Time to Meditate?
  • Overcoming sleepiness
  • General Obstacle
  • How to Sit in Meditation
  • Meditation Posture & Solution
  • The Power of Visualisation
  • Getting to Know Energy
  • Learning to Move Energy
  • Learning to Expand Energy
  • Relationship Between Awareness, Breath & Energy
  • Breathing Diaphragmatically
  • Activation of Energy to the Left & Right Path
  • Preparation for Meditation
  • Feeling the Goal
  • Guided Meditation
  • Meditation is an Art
  • Your Spine, Your Centre, Your Energy
  • Guided Centering Meditation
  • Focusing on the Goal
  • Guided Chakra Meditation
  • Devotion, the Key to Meditative Success
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Chakra Awakening

The Yogis believe that the body comprises of 7 chakras or energy centres and that each of these chakras need to be awakened in order to achieve their full potential. This is done by the Chakra Awakening exercises.

Self Healing

It is essential to be able to understand your body and mind fully to detect any problems that arise with it. Yoga ensures internal cleansing and teaches you self-healing in the most organic way, with no side effects.

Omkar Meditation

The Om Meditation is found to be the most effective chant for meditation. Infact this humble mantra has even cured ailments such as stress, hypertension, blood pressure and brought about a sense of calm and peace to the practitioner.

Chidakash Meditation (Space of Consciousness)

Through the practice of Chidakasha Dharana/ Meditation, one experience the presence of the guru, the great master, within us and the essence of this practice opens our mind and consciousness to allow the divine light within.

Third Eye Meditation or the Psychic Eye power

Eastern philosophies, especially the ones from the Himalayas strongly believe in the presence of the third eye – which opens to awaken your intuitive power. This third eye is activated by the Third Eye Meditation technique which opens the Third Eye Chakra situated between eyebrows, in the center.

Changing the direction of Energy

Energy flow is a scientific concept and not exactly spiritual. With meditation, we learn to direct our energies towards our goals so that is not left idle or underutilized.

Ordinary love and love of Buddha

The love of Buddha was eternal and every growing. He saw no flaws and accepted all. This must manifest in all beings today and should transcend into our personalities as well, in order to live a peaceful life.

Technique to activate the centre

Manipura Chakra resides in the middle of our body, behind the navel center and is ignited by the fire element. To activate this chakra would mean to completely cleanse and set the other chakras in motion.

Technique to put the mind at an ease

It is essential to know when to keep the mind brewing with activity and when to keep it calm. This is easily done by bringing the mind under control.

Soundlessness, Sound fullness & Total Awareness

The mind needs to be stilled and this is done by making it soundless. This state results into total awareness where all your intuitive powers and clear consciousness come alive.

Sound method for the dropping of mind

Our mind is cluttered with the noise and chaos of the world we live in. In order to achieve our goals, it is essential to still the mind using different techniques. The sound therapy technique is one of it.

The path of Surrender

No learning is fulfilled without completely surrendering to your Guru and imbibing all that he has to teach. This path of Surrender is tough, since each one of us is made up of different egos, beliefs and morals. However, once you trust your Guru in guiding you the right way, a huge part of your work is done.

Attention at Nerve

The nervous system works endlessly to carry our energies from one point to another. Thus, when we are in Sadhana, it is essential to calm the nerves down by concentrating on them and bringing them under control.

Know the Knower

It is essential to connect with your Guru and the higher spirit when you are learning the art of Meditation. This helps you achieve your goals soon.

Touch your center

With constant practice come the fruits of a healthy life. Your center can be activated easily, and this will result in the opening up of the higher chakras.

Close seven opening of Head

Your head has 7 openings – two of the ears, eyes, nose (nostrils) and one of the mouth. For concentrating inwards, it is essential to close all of this. When you close these openings, your consciousness remains inside, and it becomes easier to work on its nuances.

Universal Pause

This refers to the stillness that you must aim to achieve with continuous Dharana.

Breath Bridge to Universe

Your breath is the primary unit of life according to eastern philosophies. This acts as a bridge between your Atman and the outer universe – Brahman. This bridge must be strong and well in control.

Gaurishankara Meditation

This technique helps you feel elevated and one with the Parabrahman and as high as the Mt. Everest. You can move mountains with the power of your mind and this technique will help you achieve your very best.

Be Weight less

Your weight weighs you down and keeps you closer to banes of the chaotic life. Being weightless refers to the ability to move beyond the worldly pleasures and connect with the higher being.

Middle of the Tongue

The tongue has a center just in the middle which controls your thoughts. If you suddenly become aware and you focus on that, your thoughts will stop. Focus as if your whole mind has come to the tongue – just in the middle and you will hear the Breath’s sound – HH.

Quit Desire

Desire is the biggest weakness of mankind and it is desire that stops one from achieving their goals of spiritual perfection. With meditation you learn to focus on the present and quit the worries and desires of the future/past.

Prana Nidra

Stilling the body and putting it into a sleep state is Prana Nidra which literally translates to the “Sleeping Soul”

Sage Patanjali described Dhyana as an uninterrupted flow of consciousness. The Yoga Sutra set (3:2) has the Tatra Pratyayaikantanata Dhynna which translates as:

“That uninterrupted of the content of consciousness is Dhyana. Dhyana is concentration without a break. It literary means ‘total, non-dual, absolute awareness.”

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  • Develop Skill for the leading group and private Meditation session.
  • Learn to teach the practice of kindness, mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, and joy.
  • 100% Growth on your spiritual path.
  • Learning the Meditation with the tool for heart, mind and harmonious life.
  • Create a simple program for kids, adults or for any age group.
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The best Yoga school and practice! Flexible, variety of yoga classes, highly qualified & lovely teachers, great yoga retreats. I always feel great after a session!!

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Katrina Dawson

I really enjoyed the classes. The trainers were very professional. Lifestyle yoga different from those classes i have attended before. They are making sure you actually do Yoga

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Excellent classes!! Sumit and the team always keep it interesting and fun with diversity in their yoga offerings--always enough to keep the burn going and have us coming back for more--thanks, Lifestyle Yoga!!

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Nathalie Atallah

Have been with Lifestyle Yoga since their inception and have known Sumit for much longer. Experts yogis with amazing knowledge and infectious energy. Congratulations on your 9th birthday. Keep growing and spreading the love.

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